These are the podcasts for you to enjoy.

Magical Stories by Ronda Del Boccio

This podcast features the same flash fiction stories you read on this blog, and perhaps another from time to time. It’s available all over the place, including Apple, Spreaker, Stitcher, Podcast Addict, and many more. Just look for it by name in your app. The raw link is also in the sidebar for you.

Magical Stories by

Low Vision LIVING! Podcast

I am a “low vision person,” meaning I have a little tiny bit of eyesight, but not much. THat’s why this podcast’s tagline is, “Not much eyesight – plenty of VISION.” I share brief stories, tips, and ideas to serve those who are legally blind.  It’s available almost everywhere you get your pods, so just look for it in your favorite app. The raw RSS link is also in the sidebar of this blog.


COMING SOON! – (no official name yet) Let’s Talk Paranormal

I love paranormal TV shows and podcasts, and it’s fun talking about them with other fans. I also am a psychic, medium, empath, shaman, bla-bla-bla all sorts of psychic stuff, and perhaps you have questions that my perceptions can answer.