Read the Forbidden Chapter of They All Died Smiling

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The power that brought her to ruin could be their only salvation.

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Kassidy is in DEEP trouble…

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Kassidy received the most unwelcome gift. She can see demons and other harmful beings living inside people, wreaking havoc. This power ruined her life once, and she refuses to let it tear her apart again.

But covering a drowning for the Chicago Tribune rouses the professional busybody’s suspicions and her gift, she is put to the test.
That expression on her face…How could a drowning victim wear a best-day-ever smile on her face…

…just like an accident victim who died months ago in another state? And is the author of a hot new self-help book responsible?

Demons are hot on Kassidy’s trail. Now that they know about her power, they are determined to keep her from discovering the truth.

More women are destined to die, and Kassidy is their only hope. But if she refuses to use her despised and devastating gift, more innocent victims will die.