Ronda Del Boccio is a #1 bestselling author, speaker and creator of the free 30 Day Awakened Author Challenge.

Her proven “B.L.I.S.S. Butterfly” formula for author success teaches new and experienced authors alike the 5 key systems – Being, Legacy, Imprint, Share and Serve – that let you follow your BLISS and let your dreams take flight.

Her BLISS Butterfly transforms “caterpillar” visionaries and entrepreneurs into Instant VIP authors.

All her life, people have opened up to her and shared their lives in the safe space she innately offers. Recognized globally as The Story Lady, s. She has shared the stage with gifted marketers such as Ken McArthur, Larry Benet, the Connector and bestselling author Dr. Ben Mack,.

Although she is “legally blind,” which she says means she’s “illegally sighted,” Ronda lives a full and active life. She travels to conferences.  Nothing stops her!

Ronda is the #1 bestselling author of several books, including The Peace Seed: Personal and Global Transformation through Storytelling and the fantasy anthology When Assassins and Allies Conspire as well as several other titles.

My main website is WriteOnPurpose.com

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