The Sights of Paris

Hello! I’m back again with another story snack, which is to say a 100-word tale.

This is for Friday Fictioneers for 7 January 2022. and you’re most welcome to write your own entry and post it on your blog (as long as you read and comment on at least some of the others!).

The Photo Prompt


The Inspiration

This is based on a real trip to Paris I took when I was 12.

The Story: “The Sights of Paris”

Mom and I visited Montmartre during our day in Paris. Several artists vied for the attention—and money—of the more attractive tourists.

A curly-haired man, pencil behind his ear sauntered up, brandishing a lit cigarette. A breeze blew his long locks across his face, dislodging the pencil. I imagined “Let’s get it on” accentuating the moment.

He babbled sweet-talk to Mom in French, then ventured, “I show you all the best sights of Paris.” He struck a pose and revealed his drawing.

Mom shook her head and took us away.

“He’s not a tour guide,” I quipped.

Graphic of reading birds

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