Contest Entry Dismissed Based Solely on Topic

Being a writer has its frustrations.

I’m the contest coordinator for a regional writing organization. Today, I was talking with one of the judges.

“One of the stories was about the pandemic, and I’m read enough of that with my blog challenge.”


When a writer enters a contest, we know the judging is subjective. You can’t clock the speed of a story or see how high it jumps before knocking down the pole.

I always want to hope that judges will award prizes based on the actual merits of a story: Is the writing good? Does the dialogue ring true? Are the characters interesting? Is the piece mostly error-free? Those are the questions I hope are in the judge’s mind.

But for whoever dared to wrote a pandemic piece, the judge summarily dismissed it based solely on the topic. Considerations of writing quality never even entered the room.

I feel sad and frustrated\ for that entrant who wasn’t given a fair chance.


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