Heart of Service | Flash Fiction

Thanks for stopping by! I’ve had a cray-cray week, with our local parade over the weekend (and me being one of the planners of it!), then a flurry of cooking and baking Sunday, catching up Monday and today…Good thing it doesn’t take long to write a flash fiction story! I hope you enjoy it.

Flash Fiction

The Photo Prompt

Credit: © Fatima Fakier Deria

The Inspiration

In my paranormal/urban fantasy novel They All Died Smiling, Kassidy is a war widow in her mid-twenties. Randy died in Afghanistan. That’s the first thing that came to mind when I saw the bus.

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The Story: Heart of Service

By Ronda Del Boccio

For Friday Fictioneers 6 December 2019

Word count: 100

Genre: Mainstream, involving Kassidy and her by-then-late husband Randy from my supernatural/paranormal novel They All Died Smiling, available everywhere.

Randy and I clung to each other. I felt proud of him for defending our country, I wondered if we’d ever see each other again and build our life as a couple.

The bus rolled up and wheezed to a stop.

“I know  you’ve been preparing for this since Civil Air Patrol in high school,” I said, my hand over his heart. “I just never thought you’d be going off to war so soon.”

He rested a hand over mine. “You’re always right here, Kass.” He laid his other hand on my heart.

“I covered his hand. “And you’ll be right here.”


Thanks for reading.

Cheers to your B.L.I.S.S.-FULL Life!!

Ronda Del Boccio

Award-winning author, photographer, and artist

About Ronda Del Boccio

100p_ronda-del-boccio_head-shot-dec-2015Ronda Del Boccio is an award-winning and best-selling author of both fiction and nonfiction. She has been mostly blind since birth, but she never lets that stop her from doing what she wants to do. She tells transformational tales and helps visionary authors turn their dreams and imaginings into published books. See and order Ronda’s books on Amazon at Amazon..com/author/rondadelboccio.

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