Window Film Woes

 I got the brilliant idea to try out a decorative window film. My original idea was to put it in the guest room to help block out some of the light from  irritating street lamp outside.

So I figured first try something out. I even had a chance to receive one free in exchange for an honest review Cool. I thought it had 2 sheets not 1, so the size really didn’t work for me. So I ended up trying to find a different place for it.

I thought maybe in the window o my sink. The size would have worked OK, but it was hard to get it even, and my knee and ankle could only take SO MUCH of being in the awkward position balancing me with 1 foot on a chair and 1 in my sink. Yeah, IN my sink.

So, plan C…the little window in the door between my utility closet and the deck. The size being of course way wrong, that meant cutting. Great. Because I’m just so incredibly good at that. NOT!


I found this so frustrating that I threw both scissors and cling, but I had only 7 little teensy days to do this review, and I HAD to do a video and a blog post. I would have chucked it and tried something else later if not for that, but now I’m forced to pick up my scissors and cling and hack at it again. This one didn’t originally say I had to do a video, so  I wasn’t thrilled.

OK, so, after it was all said and done, the window film looks OK. I’m not ready for a craft magazine spread or anything, but it’s kinda cool. But I’m not convinced I’ll mess with clings unless they’re exactly the right size in future. Just me.

Follow your BLISS,


Your thoughts?

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